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The Wallet

Recently ran across this picture we took when we were moving Cousin Amy last year. There was a trunk of Memaw’s items that Amy had been keeping for years. In the trunk was Memaw’s wallet that had the contents the same as the day she passed. I looked at this picture for quite awhile, thinking how proud she must have… (more…)

The End

I’ve been thinking lately about this site, and if it has filled the purpose I initially created it for.   I have enjoyed sharing my memories with my cousins,  and as well enjoyed hearing about their memories  of this house that had so many shared connected memories.  With the passing of Barbara last year, it seems there’s no direct family… (more…)

Texas Trip (Circa 82)

  Found another picture from the ’82 trip. Looks like Brian, Little Katie, Lori, Brandy (?), Scotty and Mike, with Charlotte looking on.. and that kid running up from behind.. who is that?

Barbara Fae

We lost our beloved Sister, Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother on the Sabbath, September 26, 2015, in her Mother’s house. She was a pillar of our family and a connection to all of our pasts.   Barbara Fae Turner – Hartwright – Bradford November 18, 1938 – September 26, 2015

Another Generation or Two

  We had a quick “get together” at the old Turner House on September 5. It has been years since a cousin picture has been taken in front of the house, and it is neat to see the next generation of Memo’s legacy. Although these kids will only know her from pictures, hopefully the stories we tell of our memories… (more…)

Turner Manor Staple

During his recent visit to Texas, Wayne requested that this be made by Aunt Jean.  He told the story that it was a treat when this was made when he was growing up.  It was eaten by the slice, between two pieces of toasted bread, with mayonnaise.  Anyone care to take a guess at what it was?    

Poindexter Painting – circa 1968

Painted by Pat Turner in 1968, this painting was recently “re-discovered” and gifted by Amy Dickhaut to Barbara Bradford December 2014.

Carport Photo

    Love this photo of cousins, aunts, moms and grandmothers stopping for a quick photo, looks like about to take off. Bradley in this photo from my Dad lends me to think this was the trip we took him and Brian back to California with us.  Circa 1980   October 2015 Update Recently while at Turner Manor I walked… (more…)

Heading to Work

Sharing Pictures

In this undated photo, we see a moment where Memaw (ha Katie!) and Sharon are looking through photos.  What’s ironic is that the albums they are looking at are the ones these pictures came from.  That’s deep!