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Jason’s “Coming of Age” Hangout

Throwing this one to Cousin Jason to fill us in on his memories here!

Reva Vail Turner – Resting Eternally

I have not been to Mema’s resting place since I was a small child. It was really nice to see where this lady we have such fond memories of is resting eternally. When asking Barbara where she was located, she said “by the scrawny old pecan tree”. We searched and serach for what we thought was a little tree. Turned… (more…)

Loved her Fence

My Dad was telling me that Mema really loved her fence with the dogs.

First Snow of 2011 at Turner Manor

Sent in by Barbara!

Turner Toy Company

I love this picture! What a great shot of some of the Turner kids.  

Spring 2010 has Sprung at Turner Manor

From Barbara: “First Spring Iris at the Garden  off the Kitchen and Dining Room at the back stairs, that Rex and Robert Turner teens took out of FTW. Late one night,to be used for an outside access to the upstairs. Their initials show R. T. and the second  R. T. sitting on top of the first set, off set just… (more…)

Tuner Manor in Snow

These were sent in by Aunt Barbara, from the snow we had here in Texas this past week. Hopefully it will bring back some memories for those of you that had experienced snow while staying at Turner Manor!


Has anyone kept up with any of the recipes that Reva use to prepare? I’ve asked Barbara and Joyce if they remember the “bread” recipe, but they cannot recall. Maybe we are too late to have captured those home made specialities? Dave T

Water Cooler

Hi Everyone out there!  Anyone remember the water cooler upstairs??  I think they call them “swamp coolers” too…basically just a big fan that blows air over a tray of water…I wonder if they still make these.   As the calendar has turned to July in Texas I find myself more and more occupied with cooling technology, old and new!  I remember… (more…)

Turner Toy Flyer