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I am my Grandmother’s offspring for sure . . .

  Katie Trinket Hartwright I’ve been thinking so much about her while working on this project. She was just an amazing person: creative, independant, strong, resorceful – had real moxy. This little lady raised 8 kids by herself during the depression, turned her backyard shed into Turner Toy Company and put those kids to work making stick horses, tot brooms/mops… (more…)

A Rare Find: Ray Turner singing “When They Ring Those Golden Bells”

This was found by Jason . Unbelievable that a piece of our shared Turner heritage has been out on the Internet, viewed over 4000 times, and we just now are running across it. Ray Turner is one of R.L Turner’s brothers.  (I believe it is his wife playing the piano) When They Ring Those Golden Bells (ft. Ray Turner)… (more…)

Turner Toy Work Shed

As I took these photos this past weekend, I didn’t realize the little details in the rooms. Take a look at what’s on the floor, tables and walls! The Shed Outside Looking into back room Walking into front room A toy “push” car body Main Room Back Room But the most incredible thing I think I saw was this: Roy… (more…)

Uncle Roy and Lone Star Beer

For some reason, I’ve always associated Uncle Roy with Lone Star beer. I can still see him sitting under that tree next to the garage, where you come around the back of the house, sitting with a bottle in his hand and cooler next to his side. I guess if we had been around more in my late teen years, he might… (more…)


I remember with great terrifying clarity the rat invasion. Moreso should Jason because him and his immediate family were occupying the home at that time. These rats were soo huge that you could hear them walking! Also, when the kitchen was being renovated, there was a hole in the ceiling to work on plumbing from the second floor and every… (more…)


OK, let me just post one of the scariest things ever about the house (really Rob, but because it happened at Memo’s I now connect the two!!).  Amy, Chris, Baby Katie, and I all went roller skating in Cleburne one evening.  I remember Rob was at the house when we left and he was always trying to come up with new ways to… (more…)

The Ghost TV

When we used to visit, we usually ended up sleeping in the living room. The TV in that room would mysteriously “turn on” in the middle of the night, and freak me out. Someone (aka Jason) told me that there was a ghost in that room, and he was one turning on the TV. Funny thing, it would always turn… (more…)

Stalagmite Ceilings


The more I think about memories of that house, the more I realize that Jason was the one that kept instilling fear into me there. I remember jumping on one of the beds in the bedroom right off the downstairs kitchen, and Jason telling me that he or someone had jumped so high, that they cut their head on the… (more…)

Katie and Adam Ant

hey Katie! I remember you being way into Adam Ant. We saw him on TV downstairs in that main hang out room. Years later, I actually got to see him live… how are you? Haven’t seen you since my wedding… almost 19 years!