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Katie’s Quick List

FIRE FLYS – that’s what I was going to say . . . What about when Randy burned down the old shack in back. Driving around with Memo to find railroad ties to use as boarders for her garden. And her telling me “God loves those who work for their food”. Living there for a year and thinking the attic… (more…)

Fire Flys ands Chiggers

I remember catching fire flies at night and smashing them all over my shirt.  I would then run around the yard with glowing bug guts all over me.  Total boy thing I know.    I also remember the mysterious chigggers getting under your skin. I think we call them “No-See-Ums” in these parts.   Mike

The scary tornado shelter

Way back when I was around five or so I remember a particularly bad storm during our visit. Tornados were reported in the area so the outdoor storm shelter had to be prepared. I remember the door on the ground opening to a darkened tomb, a pool of water concealing the floor. Water was bailed out, but I refused to… (more…)

Jason and the “Goat Man”

During one of the many trips from Califorina to Cleburne, I had the crap scarred out of me by Jason. He told me that a Half Man, Half Goat Man lived out in the old sheds where they made the toys. He told me that if I was in that back area between the sheds around sundown, that the GoatMan… (more…)

Finding Horny Toads on the back acerage – 10 years old

I remember peeking in the box all the way home