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Bobby’s New Ride

I’ve recently just heard a story about a new car Bobby bought that was wrecked soon after. I think this is the car if the story, right in front of Turner Manor.  I’ll get a little more clariifcation and update the post.

The Family as it Grew

Found these at Turner Manor while we were gathering after Aunt Barbara’s funeral. I have always thought of my “8 aunts and uncles”, but I guess there was a time, like in all our families, when the family was not quite complete. Here are a couple of pictures as the family grew throughout the years.  

Turner Family Portrait (Circa ?)

  Look at this photo and think of photos of you , your kids and your grandkids. Can you see some of them all here?

Songs Sung by Reva’s Mother, Lydia Fault Vail

Shared by Barbara: “Please, can you put it in Turner Manor and one more that Reva’s Turner’s Mom would sing in her kitchen while she made made molasses 5” cookies for us older kids. The song was on that same sight. It is called, “The Unclouded Day”.; or, “Oh They Tell Me Of An Unclouded Day.”. I said the words,… (more…)

Homemade Bread and fried egg sandwiches

I was just talking with my dad, and in the 40 years I’ve known him, this is the first time I ever heard this story: “I remember when I was about  six, my mom used to make home made bread every Sunday. Since there was no money, Mom would make everything we ate at home or took to school for… (more…)

Turner Toy Memories

From Barbara: “Hi, Please add these to the site for TurnerManor. Looks about the same as when Nemo had us working in the “The Turner Toy Co.” It is just as hot, too. Ask Uncle Rex Turner about the whole large bales of cotton she would drive to FTW to get on a two lane highway and no air conditioning.… (more…)

Wayne Turner Heirloom – TV Pony

Wayne Turner Heirloom – Camel Back Clock

Wayne Turner Heirloom – Hobby Horse 3

Wayne Turner Heirloom – Hobby Horse 2