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Turner Manor Face Lift!

Barbara and Brad (along with a cast of many to be named) have really out done themselves! What a wonderful surprise to see Turner Manor’s new front porch, fresh paint and landscaped! It was like traveling back in time and seeing it for the first time. Wonderful job everyone!

Undated satellite photo of house

  Grabbed this from Google maps. Don’t know the year this was taken, but sure does show a lot of acreage behind the house.

Picture of 1316 Poindexter

I took this off Barbara’s Facebook, so I do not know how recent it is.

Barbara’s Update

Hi, Brad and I are here for now; but we don’t know for how long. This facade of the home was redone this last fall. The contractors worked Three months. You can believe it was nerve-wracking, to have that banging on the walls that long. Also, I was recovering from the surgery in Oct.,and preparing for spine surgery in Dec.… (more…)