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The Back 40

I’ve mentioned that I have fond memories of the acreage behind Turner Manor. Seeing it in person for the first time in over 40 years was amazing: The cypress trees have taken over almost the entire property. Signs of the old barbwire fence are still visable, which split the back acreage in half. I had asked my dad if there… (more…)

“The RedWood Deal”

I had always wondered why the carport was designed this way. Turns out there was a good answer.. It was cheap wood! The story goes that Reva came into, traded or purchased a ton of redwood scraps. None of the boards were longer than 3 to4 feet, so Turner ingenuity was put into place!

Home Made Stepping Stone

Saw this by the bushes towards the shed in the back. Wayne told me these were hand made by his mom.

The Fountains of Turner Manor (Sounds better than Bird baths)

These fountains (what I thought they were when I was a kid) are visible in pictures from over 30 years ago.  Perhaps the aunts can fill us in on their orgins and when they were setup. Ladies?

Jason’s “Coming of Age” Hangout

Throwing this one to Cousin Jason to fill us in on his memories here!

Reva Vail Turner – Resting Eternally

I have not been to Mema’s resting place since I was a small child. It was really nice to see where this lady we have such fond memories of is resting eternally. When asking Barbara where she was located, she said “by the scrawny old pecan tree”. We searched and serach for what we thought was a little tree. Turned… (more…)

A Rare Find: Ray Turner singing “When They Ring Those Golden Bells”

This was found by Jason . Unbelievable that a piece of our shared Turner heritage has been out on the Internet, viewed over 4000 times, and we just now are running across it. Ray Turner is one of R.L Turner’s brothers.  (I believe it is his wife playing the piano) When They Ring Those Golden Bells (ft. Ray Turner)… (more…)

Songs Sung by Reva’s Mother, Lydia Fault Vail

Shared by Barbara: “Please, can you put it in Turner Manor and one more that Reva’s Turner’s Mom would sing in her kitchen while she made made molasses 5” cookies for us older kids. The song was on that same sight. It is called, “The Unclouded Day”.; or, “Oh They Tell Me Of An Unclouded Day.”. I said the words,… (more…)

Turner Toy Work Shed

As I took these photos this past weekend, I didn’t realize the little details in the rooms. Take a look at what’s on the floor, tables and walls! The Shed Outside Looking into back room Walking into front room A toy “push” car body Main Room Back Room But the most incredible thing I think I saw was this: Roy… (more…)

Loved her Fence

My Dad was telling me that Mema really loved her fence with the dogs.