Monthly Archives: July 2012

Turner Toy Workshop

It’s amazing that some of these structures are still standing. It won’t be many more years before time and nature reclaims these structures. I’m glad to have a forum to share these pictures not only for my cousins out of state and even out of the country, but also for my kids in years to come. It was wonderful talking… (more…)

Bob Turner Real Estate (not related)

We were at the property this past May, along with Sharon with some of┬áher grand-kids, Wayne and some of his grand-kids, Patty Wilkes Turner Chadwick (haha), myself and my beutiful wife Susan. We were out looking at one of the toy sheds when one of the grand-kids pulled up this sign. Sharon recounted the story of a shed that Bobby… (more…)

Turner Manor Face Lift!

Barbara and Brad (along with a cast of many to be named) have really out done themselves! What a wonderful surprise to see Turner Manor’s new front porch, fresh paint and landscaped! It was like traveling back in time and seeing it for the first time. Wonderful job everyone!

The “Lost” Apartments

  During a visit to Turner Manor this past May, we found a LOT of work had been done on the grounds. Rob had cleaned out this entire area to the North of the house. I asked him why there was a slab there and he told me at one point Reva was going to build apartments and rent them… (more…)