Katie and Adam Ant

hey Katie! I remember you being way into Adam Ant. We saw him on TV downstairs in that main hang out room. Years later, I actually got to see him live… how are you? Haven’t seen you since my wedding… almost 19 years!

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  1. jasond says:

    Hi Bradley! I left you a voice message on your home phone the other day, hope that you got that…I’ll try you again soon.

    It’s funny that you mentioned Adam Ant. David and I got together a few days ago and I shared with him that this was a strong memory I had of him as well…David had the Adam Ant (eponymous? can’t remember…) cassette tape, and wore these knee-high lace-up moccasin boots. I remember thinking how wild that was! Bandanas too…Katie and David, you two must have been on the cutting edge!!!

  2. BrianT says:

    Hey Dave, Katie, Jason, my bro Brad and everyone else in Turnermanor.com land! I figured that I would just add a comment to my brothers post for now instead of starting a new one! First of all it’s so cool to connect with some of the Turner family. This was a great idea David and thanks for the phone call!

    My memories are pretty faint when it comes to visiting Memo’s house but like Brad had said I do remember the christmas gifts that Memo always gave us, the chocolate covered cherries and the silver dollar. But one christmas I got an additional gift that nobody else got and I don’t know if many people even know about it. Memo was always amazed by how much milk I drank and I remember arriving at her house one christmas and she told be to take a peek in the “fridge” and I opened the door to find a gallon of milk with my name written on it with a marker. She said that she had bought that gallon of milk exclusively for me. I can’t remember if I actually drank the whole thing or not but for some odd reason that has been a special memory of Memo for me!

  3. Dave Turner says:

    Hi Brian! What a neat memory. How would have anyone ever known you and Memo shared that special event. As a older brother, I know that I would have been mad if my younger brothers got their “own milk”!

    I’m sure we all have little fragments that show what a special lady she was too all of us… be it a faint memory as some of the younger cousins have or stronger memories as the olders ones do. Thanks for sharing!

  4. jasond says:

    Hi Everyone!! So great to get reconnected, especially Brad & Brian, I bet it’s been close to 30 years since we’ve seen each other!! Wendy Thomas and my Mom talked on the phone yesterday for close to 2 hours, and now she’s heading out to California in July for her 40 year reunion at Orangewood Academy. Thanks so much for getting her in touch with me Brad!

    So one quick memory from Christmas, this would have been Christmas of ’81, the last that Memo was alive… several of us were together at Memo’s house for Christmas and I remember that a bunch of us got those styrofoam airplanes. Specifically I remember that those things had about a 20 minute shelf life. Of course you could duct tape the wings back together, or the tail fin back to the main body, but it never quite worked LOL!!!! I wonder how many landfills we’ve filled up strictly due to broken styrofoam airplanes. It was never enough to see how far they would fly, rather, I wanted to see “loop de loops” and all sorts of crazy air stunts…oh well, guess it wouldn’t be the holidays without a pile of cheap broken toys that didn’t make it to sundown (see warped Slinkys, broken paddle balls, and those rubber-band propelled balsa wood airplanes…). Great memories!

    By the way, thanks Dave for setting this up…what a great idea!

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