OK, let me just post one of the scariest things ever about the house (really Rob, but because it happened at Memo’s I now connect the two!!).  Amy, Chris, Baby Katie, and I all went roller skating in Cleburne one evening.  I remember Rob was at the house when we left and he was always trying to come up with new ways to scare the younger cousins.  When we headed back home, we made the turn on Poindexter (from Grand) and were walking up the street.  As we got closer to the house, (it was dark mind you) not a single light was on save for one…in the upstairs (top, center) bedroom, we could see Rob wearing that scary “old man” Halloween mask he terrorized us with for years.  The reason we could see it was that he was holding a flashlight underneath his chin, eerie as hell… 

So Chris was the oldest of all of us and was designated as the one that should enter the house first and flush Rob out of his hiding place.  He kept moving around with the light too, showing up in different windows.  This went on for about an hour I bet….this is just ONE memory!

3 Responses to Rob

  1. Rob says:

    I keep telling you that wasn’t me! That was the old man that died on the toilet downstairs. Uncle Roy told me about him in 1973. Apparently he built the house built the house before Leroy bought it.

  2. jasond says:

    Great…I had blocked that little tidbit out successfully for years 🙂

  3. Robert M. Hartwright says:

    Great photos of the snow. It’s getting pretty sporty here.

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