Turner Toy Memories

From Barbara:

“Hi, Please add these to the site for TurnerManor. Looks about the same as when Nemo had us working in the “The Turner Toy Co.” It is just as hot, too. Ask Uncle Rex Turner about the whole large bales of cotton she would drive to FTW to get on a two lane highway and no air conditioning. Then, we kids would help paint the plastic heads, [a handmade screen-painting process with each.] of each side of the stick horse, that was stuffed with that cotton. That was a tin roof with no insulation. Love, Barbara

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  1. Dave Turner says:

    There are some pictures of the stick horses in the Reva’s Children’s Memories section to check out. Who know what the family tree would have looked like if Turner Toys turned out to be a Toys R Us!

    Dave T

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