Homemade Bread and fried egg sandwiches

I was just talking with my dad, and in the 40 years I’ve known him, this is the first time I ever heard this story:

“I remember when I was about  six, my mom used to make home made bread every Sunday. Since there was no money, Mom would make everything we ate at home or took to school for lunch. She would slice the homemade bread, stick a fried egg in it, and wrap it up in newspaper. I was so embarrased since all the other kids brought white bread and bologna for their luches. I can still remember in my minds eye the little school in Keene I used to go to, and a chain link fence around the yard. I would take my home made bread and fried egg sandwich and go sit by myself in the far corner of the school yard so no one would see what my lunch was. I remember kids wanting to trade lunches, and when they would see my fried egg sandwich, they would turn me down.”

I bet he’d give anything for one of those sandwiches now!

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  1. CJ says:

    I remember Nemo making “mayo-blackeyed pea samdwiches”. Mmmmmmm good. Is that the same category?
    They were actually pretty good considering.

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