Uncle Roy and Lone Star Beer

For some reason, I’ve always associated Uncle Roy with Lone Star beer.

I can still see him sitting under that tree next to the garage, where you come around the back of the house, sitting with a bottle in his hand and cooler next to his side. I guess if we had been around more in my late teen years, he might have even offererd one to me!

Next time I pickup a six pack, I’ll make it Lone Star and toast to Uncle Roy!
Dave T


4 Responses to Uncle Roy and Lone Star Beer

  1. CJ says:

    I remember finding him in the corner outside the house where the carpot meets the backroom. We would just sit in the sun while Roy would smoke his cigarettes. I would play with his magnifying glass and burn the “butts”.Then after a while we would gather up all the kids and go to Sonic in the back of his truck for a Icee, snowcone, etc..
    Good times,……….

  2. Shannon Brooke says:

    OH MY!!! I remember my daddy drinking Lone Star Beer ALL the time when i was a lil girl…his little white toyota truck bed being full of empty cans…my sister Brandy and I would always get in trouble when we would ride n the back of the truck and we would throw them out…he would tell us we were throwning money away…how funny and ironic…now that im “older”….wasnt HE throwing money away drinking ALL that Lone Star?…lol…does anybody remember his other love…SUNFLOWER SEEDS?

  3. Andrea Turner says:

    Well I don’t remember any lone star beer but I do recall his vocka and sprite and yes his sunflower seeds lord do i know about them, they were evrywere! In the drive way, in the flower beds and sometimes stuck to the bottom of my shoes??? But yes they were some good times and my daddy is very much missed!

  4. Debbie T says:

    I rmeber how he used to make you kids run for cove when he would flick the beer caps at you and som how he nevr missed….He did love his beer and sun flower seeds..LOL

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