Turner Toy Work Shed

As I took these photos this past weekend, I didn’t realize the little details in the rooms. Take a look at what’s on the floor, tables and walls!

The Shed Outside

Looking into back room

Walking into front room

A toy “push” car body

Main Room

Back Room

But the most incredible thing I think I saw was this:

Roy Turner leaving his mark. I would guess by my own kids’ writing that Roy was probably 8-9 years old when he wrote this. This has been on this wall for more than 50 years now.

I didn’t notice until I posted this picture that it looks like Sharon also left her mark in the lower right corner of the photo. I did not see this at the time. I’d like to see if the other kids left simular remants of a time long gone.

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  1. Barbara Fae Turner, Hartwright, Bradford. says:

    Thank you Dave and Al, Wayne,, Turner for all the work on this site. I’m putting some pictures of the shop and the fence dog on Facebook.Maybe more of our gang will want to write on this site.Love ya. Barbara Fae

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