Songs Sung by Reva’s Mother, Lydia Fault Vail

Shared by Barbara:

“Please, can you put it in Turner Manor and one more that Reva’s Turner’s Mom would sing in her kitchen while she made made molasses 5” cookies for us older kids. The song was on that same sight. It is called, “The Unclouded Day”.; or, “Oh They Tell Me Of An Unclouded Day.”. I said the words, older kids, because, Lydia Faulk Vail died after we moved up here in 1949. I remember that drive of 8 hrs. to Lake Charles, La. probably more than twice.  And then, for her funeral in Crowley, La.  Sharon was born here in the old Cleburne, Tx. hosp. in 1951.  So, the other younger ones, like Roy, Albert Wayne, and Bobby (Robert Donald,) would have not got many, if any of the cookies. Our  house burned in 1949: and, was rebuilt by our SDA church members here in leburne.

 Grandma Vail, along with most all of that side of our family history,(including, I would think,- some Turners,) can be found buried in that cementary. I love this you have shown here. Thanks. Love B”

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