The Back 40

I’ve mentioned that I have fond memories of the acreage behind Turner Manor. Seeing it in person for the first time in over 40 years was amazing:

The cypress trees have taken over almost the entire property.

Signs of the old barbwire fence are still visable, which split the back acreage in half. I had asked my dad if there was a reason the area had been split, and he said it had always been that way as long as he remembered.

It was neat to think that this land had at one point been cleared, for use in grazing cattle and growing the straw used in the Turner Toys brooms and wisks.

Looking from the property back towards the house, it is incredible how nature has taken back the land. This would have been the gate I walked through as a child, out towards the field to find my horny toad.

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  1. Barbara Fae Turner, Hartwright, Bradford. says:

    These trees are as tall as the ones around the house. We watched them grow. They get this certain width.too. Then, maybe they stop growing.
    Would they sell to north Dallas folks for outdoor Christmas trees. Some of you guys in the family may want to harvest them. I’ve seen some trees this tall in the bigger houses. Maybe it’s not this; but, the other kinds. They could put them in yards with decorations. At Dr.Bayoud’s house one holiday party, they had a tree taller than these. It was in their house. Thumbs up? or Thumbs down? I’m getting ideas but still not putting them in a book. Love you guys. B&B

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