“Sharon is a dun”

Note to self, or statement?

During our June visit, Sharon had found this peice of wall paper with either a note, or a statement. “Sharon is a dun” it boldly is stated. I guess as a 6 year old working in a toy shop, there were other things she wanted to do 🙂

Also on this is some notations of some variety. I wonder what they were trying to figure out? How the cost of material? The amount of profit?

Maybe one of the aunts or uncles can answer!

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  1. Dave Turner says:

    Chris Hartwright just emailed me to point out something I missed. Above “Sharon is a dun”, you can see that it was written “Roy is a nut”. So I guess Sharon was the one to fire the first shot with the comment, and Roy was the one to respond with “Sharon is a dunce”!

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