Happy 100th Birthday!

Today, September 10 1912, Reva Vail Turner was born.

What was the world like in 1912? Before the Great War, before modern transportation, before commercial airplanes and any thoughts of landing on moon.

Happy 100th MeMaw!

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  1. Barbara Fae Turner, Hartwright, Bradford. says:

    Hi all, Happy to note Mom’s Birthday with you this Sept. 10 th. It’s also my son Rob Hartwright’s 49th year. He is here staying upstairs; so, I baked a choc. cake for him today.
    Walter (Brad) and I bought the home place this summer of 2012. I’ve been up to the job of watering the 69 cedar trees til 4 a.m. this very hot summer as we had done as children here; and, since I came back here in 1984.
    Mom’s fig tree that she brought from Lake Charles, La. have been hard to keep alive.
    The yard is one acre. This other land is to be developed. We didn’t keep It.
    We pray for you all; and, ask for little Matt’s quick recovery from his hospital stay.
    In the hope of Jesus’ soon return when we will see Mom again at the sound of His trumpets waking all those in the first resurrection that believed in Him. Barbara and Brad

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