Shade Tree Mechanic

I’ve heard the story “Many Times” about how my dad used this tree to pull engines out of the fine automobiles he used to own. It lead to my Mother’s father calling him a “Shade Tree Mechanic” when they were first dating.

Although the tree is long gone, it still lives in these old family photos. I can pick out my younger brothers Scott and Mike in this photo, but drawing a blank on the other kid.

Anyone want to take a stab at it?

2 Responses to Shade Tree Mechanic

  1. Wayne Turner says:

    That one on the rope was Bradley or Brian. That was the Christmas we were back in an old camper. Rex ask us to take the boys back to Orange County. I think he was going back north. That was the trip Lori found a pup a stray had given birth to in mon’s barn. The dog got sick and threw up on everone in the camper. We stop and camped one night at the Metior Crater.
    Dave, where is the spell chekc?

  2. Dave Turner says:

    Brian confirmed the kid in the green jacket was him!

    From Brian T:

    Looks like the green jacket is me!

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