The Back 40.. Part 2

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the amount of open land behind Turner Manor I’ve always referred to as The Back 40. Even though it probably wasn’t really 40 acres, this picture shows just how much land was back there.

I can’t make out who’s on the bike, but Im guessing it is me with my brother Scott. Just for comparison, here is what this view looks like today:

I’m sure some day this land will be repurposed for housing or commercial projects, but in my memories, and now on, it is saved for the ages.


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  1. Katie Hartwright says:

    Memo used to burn her trash out in the field and take big stuff down to the dump by the creek. I had a nasty run in with fire ants when I was a little one out in this field – was wearing sandles and stepped on a mound. Randy ran me back to the house and put me in the upstairs bathtub.

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