Remembering Memaw on her 101st Birthday

Lousiana Trip Circa 1975Happy Birthday to a woman that still is an inspiration in her children and grandchildren.

Born this day, September 10, 1912


It still amazes me after all these years I still run across photos I’ve never seen. This was from a recently scanned photo album from my Dad.

Here we see Memaw, Bobby Turner, Mike Turner, Wayne Turner, Shannon Thompson Turner, Jason Dickhaut, Scotty Turner, Lori Thompson Turner, Dave Turner and Amy Dickhaut (being silly as she STILL is) in a quick photo on the front porch during one our visits back to Texas. This particular visit was one that we continued on to Lousinana to visit Memaw’s sisters and other family down in Lake Charles.


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  1. Jason Dickhaut says:

    Was this the trip y’all made with your Dad’s camper? I remember Memo telling Amy and I that you guys were pulling in from California sometime overnight. Then, waking up the next morning was the equivalent of Christmas morning LOL!!! Amy and I were so excited to see our cousins from California the next morning. I remember peeking in on Uncle Wayne while he was sleeping…sort of hoping I would wake him up hahaha!!!

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