Carport Photo



Love this photo of cousins, aunts, moms and grandmothers stopping for a quick photo, looks like about to take off. Bradley in this photo from my Dad lends me to think this was the trip we took him and Brian back to California with us.  Circa 1980



October 2015 Update

Recently while at Turner Manor I walked the property and tried to capture some of the scenes that have been posted. Below is the same location as the above photo, just 35 years later and with some loved ones that are not with us any longer.


4 Responses to Carport Photo

  1. Katie Hartwright says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Katie Hartwright says:

    Name whomever you can recall. Love it, too, Katie

  3. Dave says:

    From Left to Right: Mike Turner, Memaw, Brad Turner, Amy Dickhant, Aunt Sharon , Scott Turner, Aunt Joyce, Lori Thompson, Dave Turner and Charlotte Turner

  4. Wayne says:

    That was Christmas, Brad and Brian were going back to California with us in that old 8′ cab over camper. Lori’s puppy she brought back, threw-up all over everyone in the camper. We stayed one night in the parking lot at the Meteor Crater in Arizona.

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