Stalagmite Ceilings


The more I think about memories of that house, the more I realize that Jason was the one that kept instilling fear into me there. I remember jumping on one of the beds in the bedroom right off the downstairs kitchen, and Jason telling me that he or someone had jumped so high, that they cut their head on the ceiling, which was covered in “drip stucco”. He told me that there was “a lot of blood” and a trip to the hospital for stiches. Was that true Jason?

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  1. jasond says:

    MAN!!! You’ve really got some issues with me and that house!! How cathartic all this must be for you LOL!!! I at least owe you a beer and some serious one-on-one therapy : )

    Let me dispel the stitches…no, I don’t remember that but I remember hitting the ceiling once (this would have been one of those pre-Jackass stunts where we were jumping from bed-to-bed I’m sure!!!). My Mom has pictures of this somewhere…

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