Bobby’s New Ride

I’ve recently just heard a story about a new car Bobby bought that was wrecked soon after. I think this is the car if the story, right in front of Turner Manor.  I’ll get a little more clariifcation and update the post.


2 Responses to Bobby’s New Ride

  1. Robert M. Hartwright says:

    Dave, Was that an Opel or Pontiac? I saw them in the seventies and on old tv shows. He looks proud. How old was he in ’64, how and where did he crash it? Great picture. Looks like it has been folded meaning that it was held on to for importance. Aunt Joyce and aunt Jean could fill in many blanks. If Brenda and Shelly don’t know about your work, we may want to get them onboard. At least with photos. Keep up the good work. Aml, Rmh

  2. al says:

    That was a 64 Corvair Monza Spider. He had special ordered it. Had it a short time and totaled it.Then he ordered a 65 Corvett, black. He soon totaled that. I eventually bought it and put a new front end on it..

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