The End

I’ve been thinking lately about this site, and if it has filled the purpose I initially created it for.   I have enjoyed sharing my memories with my cousins,  and as well enjoyed hearing about their memories  of this house that had so many shared connected memories.  With the passing of Barbara last year, it seems there’s no direct family link (at least for me) to the house any longer.  I  used to personally know that I could drop in anytime to visit her in the old house,   And I’m sure Brad wouldn’t mind it now..  however there’s just that feeling that the days are numbered that there would be any access to the property.  I know my children aren’t interested at this point in their lives of seeing the place where their grandfather grew up,  and the place that I always was excited to visit when I  was young.  As I look at the pictures I took of the property, after visiting the last time after Barbara’s funeral,  I thought then that these might be the last photos that  I might ever take here, as this might be the last time I’m ever standing  at the place where I had so many fond childhood memories.  I’m fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to visit a place that has been my family legacy, since I know that is a rare opportunity these days.  Thanks to all for your photos and memories.

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